The Number Is 21 — Make Money Playing Blackjack Online

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The house edge of Blackjack is 0.3% in most casinos, and although amateur gamblers may not know this, seasoned players take advantage of that all the time. If you play Blackjack, your chances of winning big are quite high compared to other games. However, what sets Blackjack apart from all other games is that it’s easy to learn if you wish to succeed.

Although many people are convinced that it is impossible to make money at online Blackjack, you’d be surprised by the number of people that do just that. A lot of gamblers even decided to quit their jobs and dedicate the entirety of their time to Blackjack. They also play online Blackjack for real money on a daily basis.

There’s one thing that professional players know and you probably don’t — you shouldn’t play Blackjack at just any casino you stumble upon. Especially not the online Blackjack games because those come with the highest risk. When you play Blackjack for real money, knowing how to keep your money safe should be your utmost priority. So if you wish to be part of the group of elite Blackjack players, how do you achieve it? Moreover, how do you know which casino to trust when it comes to fair play?

The Ways of the Pros

If you really want to make money playing Blackjack, you should look at the professional players and their tactics. Some veterans prefer playing Blackjack in a land-based casino, while others prefer online Blackjack. And although playing in a brick-and-mortar is often better and safer, online Blackjack has its own perks as well. It is also quite accurate that you don’t need much knowledge to play or win a game of Blackjack, but learning some basic Blackjack strategies can get you so far. What’s more, you can play online Blackjack for real money, but you can also learn how to play Blackjack first. This is because most online casinos will let you play for free — consider this a fun mode in which you can bet all you want without causing any damage to your wallet.

So the way to play this beloved card game is quite simple. You play against the dealer, and your goal is to get as close as possible (or exactly) to 21, without going over. Unfortunately, this is not always the case — this is a gambling game after all. Considering you won’t be getting 21 as a result that often, your second goal is always to score higher than the dealer. If your first two cards have a score of 10 or 11, you can always ask for more cards to reach a higher unit. Alas, should you exceed 21, you lose immediately.

Additionally, you can double down your bet, in which case, the dealer will hand you one more card. This is a risky move though, so make sure to think it through before you actually do it. More often than not, it will make you exceed the number 21.

To sum it up, you need to aim for a higher score, but not higher than 21. That’s about it — hopefully, now you realize why people love this game so much.

What to Look For

Here are a couple of things you should be on the lookout for. Firstly, you should not expect to constantly be on a winning streak — it won’t happen. At least not if you’re a fair player. And in case you’re not, know that the casino management will be after you. My point is, don’t cheat — it’s not something you need, and you will be caught.

Professional Blackjack players know that they sometimes have to lose because winning regularly is simply unrealistic. You see, unlike having an actual job that will grant you a good salary at the end of the month, professional gambling is on the other end of the spectrum. You can either earn millions or lose your house overnight. So try to be as smart as you can if you really want to make Blackjack your cash-cow.

Most importantly, if you’re looking to play online, finding a good Internet casino should be the first thing on your checklist. Even though the house edge of land-based casinos stands at around 0.3%, this won’t always be the case online. If you enter an online casino and notice that the house edge on Blackjack is anything over 1%, you should get out. There is a legitimate reason why this card game is the king of payouts. The house edge of 1% is not one of those reasons.

Also, try to look for casinos that offer Blackjack bonuses — these can be quite generous. Most importantly, try to find casinos that take gambling seriously, own a license, and support responsible and fair gambling. For example, if a casino is certified by eCOGRA, which is one of the most renowned online casino testing agencies, then it’s probably good. There are a few other signs of an excellent casino — for example, the reputation of its license and the software provider that powers it.

Some Additional Rules

If you’re really interested in strategies, there are a few that you can try — counting cards for example. Although this is not illegal, casinos do frown upon it. They even ban gamblers who do it from entering their casino.

Another one is called ‘card holing,’ which mostly relies on you eyeing a lousy dealer. Bad dealers will usually show you the cards on accident, as they can’t shuffle professionally. Now you should know everything you need if you want to make money playing Blackjack online.

Now that you’re aware of all these rules and tips, you can easily earn some cash playing Blackjack. Best of luck!

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